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Applications: Carbon Capture and Utilization


Concern about the increasing level of pollution, including greenhouse gases, is intensifying the global interest in capturing and recycling CO2. Skyre’s CO2RENEW™ system derives CO2 from smokestack or process exhaust gas and converts it into useable chemicals and liquid fuels using electricity from renewables. CO2RENEW™ converts waste CO2 to useful products such as methanol and formic acid via an electrochemical pathway. CO2RENEW™ can produce these hydrocarbons onsite, sometimes at one-half of the standard purchase and delivery cost of the same chemicals.

CO2RENEW™ is a promising technology in a time of increasing pressure to develop cleaner, more efficient ways to utilize traditional, domestic fuel supplies such as coal; and increasing efforts to harness renewables such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. Furthering this imperative is a desire to lessen national dependency on foreign oil as a critical chemical feedstock for durable goods.