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Applications: CO2 to Fuels


CO2 can be electrochemically converted to energy storage chemicals using Skyre’s CO2RENEW™ technology. These chemicals, including syngas, formic acid, methane, ethylene, methanol, and dimethyl ether (DME), can be used to store the electrical energy produced from both renewable and non-renewable power sources. As renewable energy continues to penetrate the electric grid, the need for energy storage also grows. Hydrocarbons produced from waste CO2 can be utilized in an existing power plant to meet load requirements, or distributed using existing well established fuel infrastructure. Chemicals such as formic acid are a useful storage medium for hydrogen used in fuel cells.

Methanol – The global market for methanol is forecast to reach 61.7 million metric tons by the year 2017. The use of methanol as a fuel is expected to continue to drive growth in the market. Methanol use in alternative fuels includes biodiesel production, gasoline blending & combustion, and DME. Globally, there is a growing trend towards the use of methanol in the production of bio-diesel, and as an additive to conventional fuels. Demand for dimethyl ether, which can be used as a substitute for diesel among other applications, is on the rise.