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Products | H2-He Seperation

SKYRE’s H2RENEW can be used to economically separate hydrogen from helium, thereby improving the economics of producing helium (an expensive commodity in short supply) from lower quality reserves. The Hydrogen Recovery System (HRS), originally developed for NASA Stennis Space Center, separates, purifies and recycles hydrogen and helium gas currently combusted and/or released into the atmosphere. Effective purification, separation and recycling of hydrogen and helium with the H2RENEW system is highly beneficial for reducing costs and conserving limited domestic helium resources.

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SKYRE’s systems engineering team possesses unmatched technical excellence. Having delivered over 30,000 commercial hydrogen-based products over the past (3) decades, we are engineering solution experts. We’d love to hear about your
specific needs. Please send us an email or give us a call and we’ll help determine the optimal hydrogen renewal system for your operation.

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