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Applications: Hydrogen Recycling


Hydrogen is used as a process atmosphere in many industries, most notably metal treating, powder metallurgy, glassmaking, and semiconductor manufacturing. It is typically vented during these processes in the same stream as other waste gas components. To date, the waste hydrogen gas has typically not been recovered for reuse. This is especially true in smaller scale applications, because there was no economical means by which to scrub the gas stream of accumulated impurities, or to compress it in a way that it could be efficiently stored for later use. Hydrogen consumers have traditionally had two solutions to the problem of waste hydrogen: purchase more hydrogen from industrial gas suppliers or generate hydrogen on-site using an electrolyzer or a reformer.

Skyre’s solution to hydrogen supply lies within its revolutionary H2RENEW™ technology; capable of recycling and generating high purity (99.999+%), high pressure hydrogen using a solid state process. Hydrogen normally exhausted and/or flared from an industrial process is captured, purified, compressed, and stored for later use. As a result, up to 98% of process hydrogen can be recycled, greatly reducing the amount of purchased hydrogen and handling costs and risks. Since process hydrogen is recycled, there is no need for a large volume of stored hydrogen on-site, nor the need to generate large quantities of gas.