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Products: CO2RENEW™


Environmentally Friendly Carbon-Neutral Fuels and Commodity Chemicals

Rising levels of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are intensifying global interest in finding smarter, more efficient and more cost effective energy solutions. Geopolitical concerns provide additional pressure to develop cleaner, more efficient ways to utilize traditional and domestic fuel supplies such as coal, as well as to capture and recycle greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

Stakeholders are actively seeking economically viable pathways to 1) Reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and 2) Develop means to produce commodity chemicals and fuels that decrease reliance on imported oil.

CO2RENEW™ produces hydrocarbon fuels and commodity chemicals from waste carbon dioxide electrochemically. Our process generates alcohols and organic acids, on-site, from waste carbon dioxide, at one-half of the cost of conventional means. Skyre’s carbon-neutral system will derive carbon dioxide from waste gas and create high value products using electricity from renewables.

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