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Products: H2RENEW™


H2RENEW™ is an advanced electrochemical hydrogen separator and compressor (EHS&C) that can purify low quality hydrogen from process waste and other sources and compress it to high pressures for convenient, compact storage. This is done using Skyre’s proprietary electrochemical cell architecture that can be constructed in modular form to address a variety of required capacities.

On-Site Industrial Hydrogen Generation and Recovery

Hydrogen is used extensively in high purity manufacturing and industrial processes including heat treating, specialty metals, microelectronics, glass manufacturing, and electric generator cooling.  After its use, the valuable hydrogen, frequently combined with process by-products, is generally vented-off and lost.

Distributed hydrogen for these and other markets is a billion-dollar per year business, growing annually by 5 – 6%.  Currently, industrial gas companies distribute hydrogen to these markets via trucks and cylinders.  However, market pressures demand safer, packaged, onsite, high-purity hydrogen supply alternatives that increase security, and reduce hazards and cost.

H2RENEW™ is an on-site gas generation and recycling system that produces, recovers and purifies 100% of process hydrogen while eliminating the reliability and logistics issues associated with trucks/cylinders. H2RENEW™ provides a fresh, pressurized, re-supply of hydrogen from a wasted stream of “used” hydrogen at a fraction of the cost of makeup gas. The system can be configured to recover cryogenic hydrogen boil-off.

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