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Products: HALO-GEN™


Skyre’s HALO-GEN™ is a low cost, highly efficient, and scalable energy storage technology that can be flexibly configured to provide multiple energy storage and electric grid support benefits. HALO-GEN™ technology’s high efficiency (>80%) and low cost is based on reversible hydrogen/bromine chemistry.


Dispatchable Power From Intermittent Renewables

Renewable energy applications have experienced growth based on advancements that have reduced their cost and increased their efficiency. Renewables cannot generate power on demand because of their reliance upon favorable natural conditions (wind/sun) to produce power. As a result, excessive deployment of renewables in a given area can lead to in destabilization of the grid. The development of low cost, efficient energy storage solutions can enable the widespread use of renewables and the successful development and implementation of a Smart Grid. Unfortunately, highly efficient, high capacity, reconfigurable energy storage technologies simply do not exist.


Value Added to Smart Grid Applications

Skyrehas demonstrated a halogen flow battery, HALO-GEN™, with one of the highest operating efficiencies of any energy storage system considered for renewable energy storage and Smart Grid applications. Using a flexible architecture, the system provides low-cost, modular power/energy storage capacity, making renewable power more widely available. Skyre’s HALO-GEN™ can be transported to the point-of-use and readily activated to provide high reliability power. The energy storage component of the system projects to be less than one-half the cost of the best competitive flow batteries currently under development.

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